Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You know how a church can catch your eye and you follow it? Online churches are easy to follow, through social media. I follow several that way, digitally. But driving around, you know, you spot things. Church signs, I guess, especially when misspelled or full of innuendo.

So, I had an exercise routine that brought me past a Baptist church on a major route Sunday mornings. And I would see cars out front around 11 am and think to myself that I ought to just pull in and join up. I had visited that particular Baptist (ha-ha) church at least three Sunday mornings over the years (here and here). A woman from a Bible study I attend was a congregant but she never recognized me there, never said hello.

Recently that parking lot's been empty on Sunday morning. Even considering a possible switch of service time in observance of summer. That really caught my eye. I slowed down one rainy day for a closer look at the sign.

I emailed the pastor, asking where they were now meeting and got no response. Linkedin says he's working at a tire place and lists "pastor" among his former occupations. I contacted the woman who was a congregant and see she's moved out of state years ago. So she likely has no information about the church's closure. The folks must have gone somewhere. I just wonder where. God willing, another congregation will take over the property.