Friday, March 13, 2009

I read this yesterday ...
Just this past Feb. 28 a car crashed onto our driveway causing significant damage. The car hit the heavy stone driveway entry pillar so hard it was thrown 15 feet.
And then happened to drive past the property this afternoon, after mailing michele a prayer book (at the post office), on my way to the boys' school.

Yup. Dark skid marks lead across the road and end in a heap of white picket fence and huge stone pillar. I can't imagine anyone doing that on purpose. The other stuff sounds personal.

Now, it isn't far to the churchyard, a municipal building and a basketball court. Kids hang out at the ball court. Would they hang out in the cemetery (like I did as a kid)? I don't know. They might joyride on the road as it is the most curvy in town. But the state police also hang out in the church lot and park at the municipal building.

I remember when the security fence was installed. Actually, I remember when the home was being built. It seemed like an awkward place for a home. And the workmen never cared about taking up a travel lane with their vehicles during the job. Coming around the corner at 40 m.p.h. could mean stepping hard on the brakes before a worker or his truck.

I wouldn't expect this letter to the editor to improve things any.

Millstone has the potential to be a premier New Jersey community - Examiner, 3/12/09, Letter to the Editor.

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