Thursday, August 27, 2009

I listened to the sermon the excerpt came from:

I am so not a Baptist.

This stuff appeals to people because it goes against everything they've ever heard. The gospel Truth is largely mainstream in our society ... a reality that makes born-agains suspicious. They expect the Truth to be "found by a few" (Matt. 7:14), "hard teaching" (John 6:60), not accepted by the world (John 14:17). That God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, doesn't love everyone possesses that shock value born-agains are after. But, of course, it is more shocking to believe God loves everyone.

You just must listen to what he does with 1 Timothy 2:1-4! He throws out that Baptist rejoinder that "No Scripture is a matter of private interpretation," a gross bastardization of 2 Peter 1:20. He puts his misquoted 2 Peter 1:20 into slick service, as underpinning his hermeneutic to "let Scripture interpret Scripture," not a biblical injunction whatsoever. And he subjugates 1 Tim. 2:1-4 to Jeremiah 7:16 and 14:11 and, in answer to the question of how can we live peaceably when the socialist Obama takes bread from our pantry, he reads from 2 Kings 9:16ff.

He spends time in Psalm 109 where David supposedly models the form of prayer Brother Anderson imitates,
"'Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand. When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.' ... If somebody is going to twist my arm behind my back and tell me to pray for Barack Obama, this is what I'm going to pray. Because this is the only prayer that applies to him [Obama]: 'Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. As a snail which melteth, let him pass away.' It's ok to pray a Psalm 58 type of prayer for these people but don't pray for their good."
And, you know what: if you disagree with this preacher, then you haven't read your Bible. Because:
"The sermon's alot of Bible tonight. I don't even have to do much preaching tonight. 'Cuz this sermon kinda preaches itself.

"You say, 'You're not loving!' Are you talking to me or are you talking to God? I'm just reading God's word.

"It's not God who's in control. I know your hyper-Calvinist, TULIP preacher told you that God's in control. But you know what: the devil is the god of this world, according to my Bible.

"'Maybe he's saved.' Whew. He's a Pentecostal. He's a Holy Roller, Charismatic. Didn't you see his pastor wearin' a dress and everything?

"His name [Barry Santoro, aka Obama] has been blotted out."
His biggest misappropriation is Ephesians 6:12, cited according to the King James: that we wrestle "against spiritual wickedness in high [places]." The word "high" implies heaven, which poses a theological problem, but Brother Anderson applies the verse to high public officials.

This guy has got to follow his conscience. He's obligated to pray the way he thinks the Bible tells him. I just hope he doesn't influence too many people. For their own sake.