Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom: Kenny, what are you guys doing?

Kenny: Riding.

Dad: What day is it?

Kenny: It's a beautiful day.

Mom: It is a beautiful day. It's gonna be a nice night.

Dad: Is it a holiday?

Kenny: Um-hum.

Dad: Is it a kids' holiday?

Kenny: Um-hum. It's Halloween? It's Halloween now?

Mom: Is it? Um-hum. So what are you doing?

Kenny: Riding.

Dad: What do you do on Halloween?

Kenny: Get candy.

Dad: What do you say when you go up to the door?

Kenny: 'Trick or treat' and I push the ding-dong bell.

Mom: And then after they give you the candy, what do you say?

Kenny: 'Trick or treat' and 'Thank you.'

Mom: What are you?

Kenny: A dinosaur.

Mom: Are you a friendly or a scary dinosaur?

Kenny: Friendly.

Mom: Uh-huh. What's your brother?

Kenny: A hunny pot.

Mom: That's sweet, isn't it?

Dad: What's a friendly dinosaur say?

Kenny: Roar.

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