Thursday, April 15, 2010

We had last Thursday off because some school districts were still on spring break.

After dropping the younger kids off at school, I headed over to church and was nearly halfway there when I realized that I hadn't brought my bag.

The first session is always review, starting from Creation and working historically forward to the biblical book in question. In this case, Exodus. I wouldn't need a Bible but I keep a couple in my car, for no particular reason. So I grabbed one, Zondervan's SRSB (NIV) and entered the building.

These lawn signs (pictured upper right) guided my path to the employee entrance. I hoped the answers were printed on the reverse but, no, just the same question repeated. The web site only invites inquirers to a Sunday service which promises to answer questions beginning April 10th. That must be their mystagogy program.

I climbed the spiral staircase and noted few in attendance in the Fundamentals class, at the top of the stairs. I entered our room right next door and found a seat in the back row, between the study leader's teaching partner and the Lutheran who had an "Extreme Teen" Bible unopened in front of her. And the lady next to her had the same, also unopened, only its front cover had been ripped off. So I figured that I wasn't the only one who'd forgotten my stuff as the ladies had helped themselves to the stray Bibles that litter the meeting room.

Class had started long ago and I struggled to join the discussion, which at the moment, sought to fit dates of Egyptian kings into the history of the Abrahamic people. The presentation was unavoidably confusing due to very foreign names and working backwards in years BC. But the presenter kept her head and didn't give up and straightened us all out. Her knowledge and ability keeps me coming back.

I have Sarna's commentary on Exodus too. The eleven lesson study runs until just before Independence Day. I am excited about the study and hope I don't get frustrated.

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Colleen said...

Found you thru Sunday Snippets! Hope you enjoy your study! I love bible study but have not been in a while. God bless!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

I always like to hear about your adventures, especially the Bible study.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes with the Bible study! Sounds like it's a denominationally mixed group. Well, at least you should get a good number of viewpoints on the issue.

Be blessed as you delve into God's Word!


Joann said...

Sunday Snippets brought me here. Bible studies run the gamut from inspiring to frustrating.Sounds like your lady has her head on straight. Our priest told us of a seminary prof he had that proposed that St. Joseph was actually the father of Jesus. As far as a mixed denomination bible study, buyer beware. I'd only go if I has my catholic head on straight and then only armed with the Cathechism of the Catholic Church, and maybe a set of the Navarre Bible and commentary. Sorry to sound so pessimistic but I've been there, met some very lovely and sincere Christians and came to the conclusion that nice doesn't = sound.Didn't mean to write a book. Cheers!

Moonshadow said...

Joann, I can't see an upside to St. Joseph being Jesus' biological father. In fact, with today's championing of adoption, especially among Christians, the traditional Holy Family serves as a wonderful inspiration.

Thank you for the warning; I take it to heart. The caveat is, however, more applicable to a study of biblical prophecy, e.g., the Books of Daniel and Revelation. With historical books, like Exodus, it's read as straight history and what Catholic doesn't need a better knowledge of Moses, Aaron and the gang.

Moonshadow said...

One more thing, an interesting observation I've recently made in this study:

Lately the leader has made a point of God's unique manifestations in the Bible. For instance, the Burning Bush in Exodus 3. As far as is known, God has never appeared like that again since.

And, I'm reading deep between the lines, but I suspect the leader is trying to argue against the miracle of transubstantiation, a recurring or perpetual miracle.

Just remarkable the lengths someone would go to. A reactionary theology has never appealed to me.