Monday, March 28, 2011

A friend from Tim's previous school stayed the night Saturday into Sunday. We all attended a Saturday evening liturgy because the prospect of getting them up for Sunday morning was too intimidating. As it turned out, they were all up by 7. But anyway.

Tim's friend attends Catholic school now. That was his mother's intention even before the former school closed down. And, I'll tell you, he participates at mass. I mean, shoot, he almost sings louder than me. And that's pretty loud. But, for a kid, it's different, you know?

Even so, I couldn't believe how many people were looking back at us, especially when he recited responses, clear and crisp. Not only were young kids looking back but also grown-ups. Kenny noticed their glances and told our guest to hush up some. I told Kenny to let him be; he isn't going to change him for one service.

Yes, ours is a quiet church, apparently. We mumble our prayers.

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