Saturday, January 12, 2013

Every few months, whenever my non-practicing Catholic friend gets a new coat or handbag or cut from the plastic surgeon, she invites me out to lunch to share. This time, I had something to share, a photo book of pilgrimage pictures.

Since she asked me to bring the trip pictures, I wasn't forcing anything on her. Her reaction to the first picture in the book was like, "Oh, you are speaking something?"

Convent St. Teresa, Avila, Spain
Reading Wisdom 7:7-14

I wanted to counter her question with, "Were you ever Catholic?" But I bit my tongue and explained the setting so we could move on.

She asked whether I went shopping while I was abroad and I said that I bought some souvenirs. "Oh, I would have shopped, but you know I'm a shopper." I explained that there was a trio from Spring Lake who shopped for boots, coats and handbags when we were in Madrid. But it was a pilgrimage, and most of the merchandise was American brands made in China anyway. Nothing different from what one can buy in the States for less.

She said she didn't realize that I was so into church and she said she'd invite her mother to lunch with us next time. "She1 goes to church every week." I often see her mother at church with my friend's children. I usually clear up her left-behind bulletin for her after she leaves during communion.

I told her I'd be happy for her mother to join us for lunch.

1 I think some people believe it counts if they know someone - a parent, usually - who goes to church regularly.