Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Buffalo men arraigned in Elba bank robbery - Daily News Online, 6/18/09:
Three Buffalo men were arraigned tonight in Elba Town Court and charged with robbing M & T Bank in Elba, a robbery that set in motion a chaotic and tense manhunt that unfolded across three towns this morning.

“He was hiding in the bushes near Galloway Road,” Maha said.
Is that "Galloway Road" or "Gallaway Road?"

In an interview, a reporter speculated he might have been trying to get to the Thruway. And probably if he'd gotten to Slusser Rd., he would have found a way.

So, who knows, a little more time and it would be a different story.

Someone claimed to see Brian on the news but I haven't found any video.

Oh, yeah, and the school was on lockdown. Will this story make the weekly alumni newsletter?!

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