Monday, July 26, 2010

The deacon at The Deacon's Bench shared information about Fr. Boadt's passing on Saturday. The news made me sick to my stomach. I had been looking forward to his return to St. Elizabeth's, as was his habit every other summer. But his absence this summer was deeply felt by me.

Years back, he wrote in my copy of his most well-received book: "To Teresa - May God bless your love of the Scriptures with great wisdom. Lawrence Boadt, July 21, 2004" -- I'm still waiting for that to be fulfilled. I heard Fr. Boadt, CSP, lecture two more summers there since.

My favorite thing was when students signed up for his class out of pure habit, without an inkling about him. I enjoyed watching their gradual realization of his knowledge, compassion and teaching ability. At first, their appreciation was self-directed, Oh, lucky me to have this great teacher but soon the awe became more generalized, What an amazing person!

Just about everything I know of the prophets, I learned from him. But he was happiest talking about St. Paul and almost always managed to get in a few good words about him.


Matt said...

I heard about this yesterday after Mass. Immediately I wondered if you had heard the news. He sounds like he was a very good teacher.

I find that people are drawn to teachers that love what they do and the subject they are teaching. It makes all the difference. May he rest in peace.

Moonshadow said...

I'm capable of listening to some monotonous instructors so long as they know what they're talking about. But the material sticks better in my brain if there's some emotion associated with its delivery.

japhy's brother and others commented at the Deacon's Bench about Fr. Boadt celebrating liturgy in his parish on occasion. I wouldn't mind having that sort of memory of him.