Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the fan page of a nearby church plant I follow, the pastor posted a request for a complete Thanksgiving dinner. I got everything except the gift card because I doubt it would be used. I always feel that way about gift cards. I had trouble finding a large enough basket and ended up parting with one I'd had for a number of years and occasionally used. Maybe I'll get around to replacing it because I liked it.

So I made a special trip there today with the stuff because I wasn't able to swing by yesterday when I was over that way. Then, since I had some time afterwards, I popped into QoM, for olde tyme's sake. I had to rummage around in my car's armrest compartment for a rosary and found only my least favorite one, from Medjugorje, given to me by an acquaintance who had been there. The beads aren't spaced properly for me but I made do.

I thought the sanctuary was empty and was lamenting that fact. Such a quiet, peaceful space. But, in fact, as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw a woman at the feet of a statue of Mary. The third row is close enough for me! But sometimes I'll venture to the prie-dieu situated just in front of the tabernacle. I doubt I disturbed her.

That reminds me, the place I'm going to tomorrow morning is collecting coats. I'd better see what I have to spare.

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