Monday, April 15, 2013

I signed up for next year's Community Bible Study.

We were invited to the core group leader's house. More women showed up for lunch than met in the morning!

I usually have a difficult time in such settings, but I was surprisingly comfortable. It had been "Bring a Friend" that morning, so a woman brought a long-time friend who is a serious Christian. No pouncing.

I agreed to bring a dessert and found a package of rugelach1 at the supermarket. One in the group is a convert from Judaism so she recognized immediately what I'd brought before I even said. But she had none because she eats only salad. I sampled one and didn't care for it. Supermarket rugelach probably isn't the best.

We talked of her experience, since her husband started a church a couple of Sundays ago. He's a split off from a long-time church with a day school on County Line Rd. CBS policy is such that there's no solicitation and no mention of specific churches or denominations. But several disregard the policy. Someone brought in a postcard announcing the new church they'd received in a mass mailing to show the core group leader2. The church had been meeting in her home on Sundays and the Wednesday night prayer service still does because the middle school isn't available.

Conversation turned to who uses Facebook. I let them all know that I do. I added one friend consequently. An Internet search of one young woman's email domain turned up the homepage of a church in Howell. According to the website, her father-in-law is the church's pastor and her husband is worship leader. Her mother is a CBS core group leader. I guess you could say she's connected.

When they asserted that they aren't the typical pastor's wife, another lady confirmed that, having grown up in "the Assemblies [of God]:"
The pastor's wife played piano, sang alto, made the potato salad and that was it!"
I couldn't relate, really. To think of pastors being married and having children.

So, anyway, it was a remarkably good time. I wish we'd done it sooner because then there'd be enough time to do it again before the end of the session. And the group would have become closer quicker, too. But it's more hospitality than I've received from previous core group leaders.

This week she's at a conference. When she gets back, I'll have to ask whether Rick Warren made it.

1 Which I know about only because of that line in Quiz Show.
2 I didn't receive one.

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Christian LeBlanc said...

I like these reports. I like when you elaborate a bit on what was covered in the Bible, and peoples' comments. Where I live it'd be virtually impossible to participate as a Catholic in a collective Bible study, so...well, it's interesting.