Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spent four hours at FunTime America in Cliffwood this afternoon at a birthday party. And it's an hour over there and back. So, like almost six hours altogether.

Here they are, riding the helicopters:

Here they are getting ready for laser tag ... Kenny looks stoked and Tim is unsure:

They rode on some roller coaster simulator that did Tim in. We parents were able to watch them inside the simulator as well as see what they saw on the screen. Kenny did the bumper cars and the Himalaya but after the simulator, Tim was done with rides. I suppose I should have suggested to him that he not ride the simulator. They looked at some reptiles and touched a lizard and a snake, then entered the party room for pizza and cake. I helped pour drinks and supervise the kids at my table. A few of them really needed supervision, especially while waiting for cake.

After the party, we received some tokens for video games. Kenny manages to stretch his tokens into free games but Tim, even with my help, picked broken machines that only ate tokens. It's remarkable.

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