Sunday, April 05, 2009

I was reading Jeremiah 38 yesterday morning as part of, the final part of the Precepts study called "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." So, in the chapter, Jeremiah gets tossed into the cistern because some prominent men don't like his message. But the king draws him out again on the advice of a foreigner who is also an official in the government.

And the king asks Jeremiah for the latest word from God on the present situation with the Babylonians sieging Jerusalem, and Jeremiah tells him that God wants him to "go out to them." In other words, surrender.

But the king can't do it. Moreover, he despises those Jews who have themselves followed Jeremiah's words and joined the Chaldeans.

It's hard to be unsympathetic towards King Zedekiah.

In his loyalty to Jerusalem, he's acting obediently to God's word as spoken through the prophets up until then. I saw very quickly in Zedekiah's inability to capitulate a contrast with Christ who does give himself over into their hands, in obedience to God.

Today's Readings. I need to get a highlighter suited to Bible paper and mark the part of the "Crowd" in my Sunday missal because it isn't marked. I can't imagine why.

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