Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just did a Five Favorite albums at FB ... and so, scrolled through the iTunes Music and am listening to some oldies, like David Gilmour's About Face, especially the final cut1:
And when you feel you're near the end
Will you just turn it over and start again

Is there a stirring in your heart
As the time comes when we will have to part?

And when you feel you're near the end
And there's a stranger where once was a friend

And you are left without a word
Only the whispers that you've overheard

Standing in silence, holding my breath
Disconnected and dry
And though I'm certain that there's nothing left
To hold on to, to give or to try
Some things never change, no don't ever change
And I'm feeling the cold
Thinking that we're getting older and wiser
When we're just getting old

And when you feel you're near the end
And what once burned so bright is growing dim
And when you see what's been acheived
Is there a feeling that you've been deceived?
So, did the music make me melancholy ... or just suit me?

1 I had this album, first, on cassette, so no "turning over to start again"

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