Thursday, June 04, 2009

I mention that here because, in my personal observation, issues of law and order, and the legitimate role of the state to use force, either in enforcing just laws or in defending the nation against an unjust agressor nation, are often a “blind spot” among progressives / liberals.

As several commentators have been pointing out here during the last few days, there is a stream of the Catholic spiritual tradition that is non-violent even to the point of pacifism, and that stream is often located today among progressive Catholics.

I think they have a more difficult time than many other folks in agreeing that there could be just reasons to execute a convicted killer, or for police to use force, or to drop bombs on Kosovo, or to accept the Bush Doctrine. They tend to cite Biblical slogans like “turn the other cheek” and “blessed are the peacemakers.”
- Jim Pauwels's comment on Commonweal article, "Tiller's killing: Necessary ... but unlawful?"

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