Saturday, April 25, 2009

She said she was going to do Jonah "again."

And I can't remember doing Jonah the "first time," which she said was "in the fall."

Let's see, when did I start?

It seems that Chris wasn't born yet, so summer of 2004? Kenny wasn't at summer camp and Tim caused big trouble in their child care. My attendance that fall and spring with Chris was spotty because of Tim's misbehavior. I have no record of that fall but it may have been a first part to Daniel. That spring, however, we did Revelation II. I have no concrete record of anything. That summer was, however, Judges, just months before we embarked on a year with Judges at the other study.

Then I suppose I began in earnest in the Fall of '05 with a second part to Daniel as Timmy was at school. Spring was Revelation III and summer was 1 Samuel. Fall '06 was Revelation IV and that finished the Revelation series. I took the entire next year off for Ella and home remodel project but I think they did 2 Samuel that spring of '07. I haven't any idea what they did summer or fall. Was that the Jonah fall?

When I returned in Spring '08, they were doing Isaiah, Part I. That summer we squeezed in both Amos ("Prepared to Meet your God") and Hosea ("A Love that will not let me go"). Plus "Revival or Captivity." The fall was the second part of Isaiah, followed by Ruth ("Kinsmen Redeemer"). Then Micah/Nahum/Habbakuk in "Understanding the Anger of God." And we just finished "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" which was 2 Kings/2 Chronicles, from the Assyrian Captivity, up to the Exile.

We've "graduated" now to the New Testament, beginning the "Sermon on the Mount" study this week. There's some recognition/admission that studying the Hebrew Scriptures is drudgery, that only the truly faithful Christian would undertake it with diligence. So everyone pats themselves on the back with half-smiles. I don't understand it. Come to think of it, I don't remember anyone really enjoying Revelation either.

I suppose I should keep better records. I'm probably relying on our organized leader to do it.

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Jennie said...

where are you taking these precepts classes? If people go to the trouble to take the classes, they can't think it's that much of a drudgery; and if they are born again believers they should enjoy it; I would. And am I misunderstanding your attitude towards the members of the class, because it doesn't sound like you enjoy being around them?

Moonshadow said...

I appreciate your comment very much, Jennie.

At Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, NJ on Thursday mornings. It isn't listed at the Precepts web site as a location; I'm not sure why not.

There are times that their attitude gets me down, yes. I try to ignore them and I ask everyone who inquires to please pray for our group of ladies. Thank you.

When the leader announces the next study, if it's from the Old Testament, I hear moans and groans from the other ladies. The leader consoles them and encourages them. Each video lecture begins with encouragement, to "study to show yourself approved."

What does it sound like to you? Maybe I'm biased.

Jennie said...

Good grief; it definitely sounds very discouraging. Is that the only place you can go? I can't tell what kind of church it is from the website, but I'm ashamed that you are seeing such a poor example from a non-catholic church. I can only hope they are just joking around, because they must be taking the class for a reason.

Moonshadow said...

I'm ashamed that you are seeing such a poor example from a non-catholic churchHa-ha, well, thanks. Remember, I don't live in the South. :-)

I appreciate your concern.

I will tell you that I shared with the ladies the insight about King Zedekiah, how Christ the Good King contrasts with him in His ability to surrender, to give Himself into their hands, in fulfillment of Jeremiah's prophecy. The leader, who is a faith-filled woman - if it weren't for her witness, I would find another study - thanked me for sharing that.