Monday, April 27, 2009

UPDATE: Oh, it failed to pass without my vote ...

Millstone school budget defeated by 278 votes - Examiner, 4/30/09:
As they have for the past several years, Millstone voters rejected the school budget ...

Millstone Township Superintendent of Schools Mary Anne Donahue said she is extremely concerned from an educational perspective about the effects of the voters’ decision.

“... as our budgets have been continually defeated and then cut, we have worked extremely hard to try to maintain the level of excellence of our educational program,” Donahue said. “I anticipate that if budget cuts are made, this will no longer be possible.”

“any major reductions that are recommended will need to be taken from our K-8 program,” she said.
So, basically by the time my kids get to public school ... it will suck.

Better find out from my girlfriends how to homeschool ...

Yeah, but I literally forgot ...

Low voter turnouts are inexcusable - Asbury Park Press, 4/26/09:
Only 1,106 Millstone residents voted in the school election. At least 4,231 were missing in action.

We're all busy — there's no excuse.

Information was sent to my e-mail address and fliers with budget details were sent home ...
Perhaps if my kids were in the public school, I'd have gotten those reminders.

A week prior, I decided to vote right after dropping the kids off at catechism. I've made the mistake of going over there first thing in the morning only to discover the polls don't open until 2.

However, when the time came, I drove home like usual. How can I blame habit when we've been off CCD for two weeks?

Jeff called around 8 to say he was going to vote and then be home. At that point, it was too late to drag the kids out again.

I could just be cynical and say the town will pass it anyway like they did two years ago but, no, I really wanted to vote and had intended to. I take it very seriously.

Tell you what, Rose: Jot down my name and number and call me with a reminder next year. Thanks.

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