Saturday, August 07, 2010

The news in the old town is of a fatal car crash, three kids coming home from the onion festival (Buffalo News and The Batavian and Democrat & Chronicle).

Jeff's brother just happens to be up there for the onion festival, like he does every year. I've never been.

Now the festival let up last night at 11 and the crash was after 1:30. Here are a couple of pictures, on Albion Rd., south of Lockport Rd.

I don't really remember the area even though I used to ride my bike that way several times a summer to visit my friend whose family took a house (and old church, actually) on East Shelby Rd., at the intersection with Barber and Posson1. Down the road from their church/house, I remember a cemetery, probably this one. We would often visit to read the names and marvel at the dates.

The XC team took runs out Albion, too, in my time, I think but it must have been simply out & back because I can't see a reasonable loop or circuit. The time my friend got bit by a dog when we were riding bikes, we had gone Albion all around to Fisher and the dog got her almost at 262. I was able to take her to a friend's house, whose father taught at the high school, right along 262, for help. She got stitches and rabies shots and had a scar or two. Very memorable. We had been singing Beatles songs during the ride to pass the time, I remember, "The Long and Winding Road" seemed apt. There were two other friends with us but they had fallen behind.

The summer I worked at the Muck, probably '87, I drove Lockport Rd to 98 to the farm.

Years later, my brother bought a house on Eagle Harbor in Medina, which he has since sold, but I drove Albion to visit him on a few occasions. At the intersection with Fisher Rd. and through the hamlet of West Barre, there are some tricky spots but the turns coming into town where this crash occurred are smooth.

The girl was underage but the boys were not. The driver had just turned 21 last week.

UPDATED: Empty Beer Bottles Found In Oakfield Car Crash, WKBW News 7, Buffalo.

interactive map

1 "Posson" isn't from memory, it's from a map and it doesn't sound familiar. The other roads do and the "path" or course of Posson is familiar.

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