Sunday, January 31, 2010

I anticipated our Precepts group taking a hit in participation when the new members class began this month in the classroom next door with a John MacArthur study. I myself wanted a way to join it even. But I'm unable to determine any Precept regular missing ours to be in that.

Over the years, the morning has been structured more ... but lately, less. And, anyway, since Chris started school, I haven't been on time. So the worship that goes before - I would enjoy and have enjoyed - I can't make. This past week, our class was supposed to provide "snack" for both groups. A sign-up sheet was passed around and I nearly bought something to bring on the off chance Jeff could take the kids to school. But he said he couldn't. Then, as it turned out, up north got an ice storm so he was late to work anyway. Taking the kids wouldn't have cost him anything. One sees such alternatives only in hindsight.

At our mid-morning break, the facilitator of the other study told us all how horrified she was that there were no "snacks" available at the appropriate time. Our class had basically not met our obligation. That sort of occurrence always draws out the same question: is anyone interested in refreshments, coffee, fellowship, worship? I gave my reason for being late, so no matter how interested I am, I can't. I don't drink coffee. Most women bring their own, personal cups from home or bought on the way.

I understood that this hospitality is more for her new members class than for our staid Precepts group. We aren't going anywhere, but the new members? Well, the competition for pew-fillers is fierce. Consequently, I was surprised by the backlash I heard muttered around me, as if they didn't understand her mission of church growth. I wasn't personally offended by her address to us but others criticized her appeal to us "as Christians." They didn't like being shamed into it.

There are always plenty of people who are all business: only there to study the Bible, the most important thing. Not interested in fellowship or snack. But anyway, someone had the bright idea that, since most people eat breakfast at home, the snack may be made available, not first thing as that seems too difficult, but during the mid-morning break. My thought was whether we are kindergartners who can't get through the morning without a snack. We'll see whether that's the solution that is adopted in which case I could contribute a snack.

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