Friday, January 15, 2010

"What's Happening to InterVarsity?" - 9Marks :
A recent Christianity Today article chronicles the pressure a group of InterVarsity students felt to include practicing Roman Catholics on their leadership team. When the students discovered that IV's new doctrinal statement allowed for Roman Catholics in good standing to sign on, they decided to separate from IV.

What's happening to InterVarsity? Has the fellowship become so thoughtless about its theology that it now rejects the solas of the Reformation? I understand that Catholics can be born again. [ ... ] But to partner with Roman Catholics in gospel outreach is a confusion of the gospel.

This statement ["Deeds, not Creeds"] stems from the idea, in part, that the words of Jesus have greater weight than the words of Paul. When some move to make the words of Jesus in the gospels greater than the words of Paul, the very authority of the Bible is at stake.

InterVarsity seems more and more willing to partner with churches that do not hold to the gospel, from liberal protestant churches to the Roman Catholic church. [ ... ] Yet N.T. Wright, who's [ sic ] book Justification opens the door for a quasi-Catholic view of justification, speaks regularly at IV conferences.

Doesn't it smack of pandering to the world? [ ... ] The kind of human thinking Jesus rebuked Peter for when Peter tried to steer Jesus away from the way of the cross?

liberal theology starts with culture and critiques the Bible (unlike the evangelical who starts with the Bible and critiques the culture)
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