Sunday, January 25, 2009

First time setting foot inside the new middle school ... and I never for a second thought we were on Broadway. Frankly, the sound system sucked. If the narrator turned her head to the left, we couldn't hear her, despite the mic being on her right cheek.

But lots of girl scouts in the audience. I think they get a merit badge for the afternoon or something. Simply stunning how many of the girls had iPhones1 and other gizmos.

Tim wore his private school gym uniform ... I can always count on him to show intense school spirit ... at the most inappropriate time! (Oh, he had worn his school uniform to church earlier in the day, yeah, but Fr. Mike is still out, so who cares).

Whenever Timmy monkeyed with the theater seats, I reminded him, "Tax dollars, our tax dollars."

1 Jeff corrected me, these were iTouches ... and he said he was thinking of getting me one.

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