Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's "International Week" at school during which the kids learn about a particular foreign country.

Kenny's class has Greece. I sent him into school today with a white twin top-sheet ... and the Greek New Testament.1

His class learned the upper case alphabet - Kenny told me the etymology of our word alphabet - and a few nouns. His light research project, due Fri., 1/26 - figure that one out! - required him to pick a Greek god, answer some questions and summarize a popular myth featuring the god.

I suggested he do Jesus, but he said,
"It's has to be a B.C.god!"

But Jesus was born 4 B.C. ...
Figure that one out.

Oh, oh, Ancient Greece. Of course.

I still pushed him to pick Jesus but he senses that Jesus doesn't fit in the same category as Athena and Zeus. OK, but I didn't want him picking any of those ordinary Greek gods either. His selection needed some panache.

And, so, wouldn't you know, I brought my Scofield NASB to the Precepts session Thursday and the middle chapters of Micah2 took us to Deut. 16:18-20. And, apart from a fleeting mental lament that our leaders don't qualify, my wandering eye fell down to the next verse, last one on that Scofield Bible page:
"You shall not plant for yourself an Asherah of any kind of tree ..."
and the notes clinched it:
"These were 'groves' devoted to the worship of Asherah, who was the Babylogian goddess Ishtar, the Aphrodite of the Greeks, the Venus of the Romans."
I must be thinking ahead already to Valentine's Day.

So I convinced him to do Aphrodite and I helped him complete the research paperwork with information from Wiki. I left out some graphic details of her origin except that her name means "sea form" and she was born as an adult.3 The vignette he chose to relate was the Judgement of Paris, a very interesting tale. Since Aphrodite emerges the fairest, he was glad he hadn't picked Athena.

1 Most of his teachers are Jewish, so if the LXX I have were as portable as the GNT, I would gladly have sent that one in. Trust me.

2 Micah 5:14. God doesn't like cities.

3 A thing Jesus didn't do.

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