Monday, January 05, 2009

OK, found the articles on the diocesan promotions ... especially Rich LaVerghetta who, yes, is an extraordinary preacher ...

Msgr. LaVerghetta noted as extraordinary preacher - The Monitor, 1/1/09:
Bishop Smith recognized Msgr. LaVerghetta as an “extraordinary priest.”

“Father Rich LaVerghetta has spent most of his adult years sanctifying God’s people through his preaching,” said Bishop Smith. “He’s an extraordinary preacher because he loves Jesus, he loves his Church, his people and he believes.

“Msgr. LaVerghetta is a believer and it comes through in everything he does,” said Bishop Smith. “He preaches the Word of God with fire and love. He’s a minister of God’s salvation through his ministry in the Sacraments. He has served in the Diocese of Trenton in so many ways, in different ministries at different times. Every place he has been, the same thing has happened – people have come to know and love Jesus Christ in a deeper and richer way.
All true. Exactly.

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