Monday, January 25, 2010

All the kids are swimming once a week after school. We are always scarce on towels, what with daily (or nearly daily) showers and baths. So I took advantage of a January white sale and bought four plain, white towels at Sears, two for $15. I thought it was a good price.

The two older boys use the boys' locker room on their own and I inventory their duffle bag when they come out to make sure they have everything. Before I adopted that habit, at least one towel had gotten left ... and a pair of goggles.

So, it occurred to me that all white towels can look alike. I called around for monogramming. The best quote was $10 per towel! She wasn't willing to negotiate. The towel itself only cost $7.50! This is why I don't do things like this; it's just too difficult.

I turned to Lands End which does monogramming for $5 per item. I found inexpensive white towels and requested the family name on them. The embroidery thread color is white which concerns me. How well will that show up, white on white? I don't want thick, thirsty towels because I can't afford to fill up a washing machine load with just four towels.

And the four towels that I got at Sears I can put in the hall linen clothes; we'll use 'em.

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