Monday, January 11, 2010

You know how there are people from your past that you think about? Well, I keep a few in mind.

I'm old now; I have a long past. Most of these reminisces concern people from college. Time with them was so brief. There's the wish of having gotten to know them better and wondering how they turned out.

Facebook groups users not only by schools and graduation years but also according to college extracurriculars like, well, in my case, athletics and campus ministry. To the campus ministry group, someone posted a twenty-two year old wedding picture featuring many members of the ministry at the time. I recognized only one person, the woman I've been curious about since I joined Facebook. She was tagged in the photo.

My memory is foggy, but I began attending the evening meetings in late '87. I was placed in a very small discipling group, lead by the woman in the old wedding photo - she was an RA with a suite - and another woman whose father is (still) a pastor.

I remember only a couple of things about our discipling group: (1) feeling like a third wheel to the other two's partnership (sisterhood?) and (2) spending a few days (that is, nights) of a winter break in the RA's suite so I could attend track practice (twice a day) and work. I remember the preacher's kid telling me she found vigorous exercise, especially sweating, unfeminine. I don't remember her being a voice major, but here she is singing opera. I remember there being some discussion of whether a Christian could, in good conscience, participate in the performing arts. She hasn't performed in a few years but a review then praised her as being "visually a winner as the second, decidedly sluttier sweetheart, Dorabella."

The most shocking thing she ever mentioned was her father's instruction that Catholics aren't Christians. The most shocking thing I ever did was recite a memorized Romans 12; she didn't think I could.

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