Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family of church shooting victim clings to hope - Asbury Park Press, 12/21/08:
Silvy Perincheril gave James a place to stay after she decided to leave her abusive husband and move to New Jersey to pursue a nursing career, according to relatives.

The close-knit community and interwoven family connections are common to the Knanaya, who largely hail from the state of Kerala on the southern coast of India. They practice endogamy — or marrying within the same social group — to preserve ancient bloodlines they say trace back to 72 families that traveled from the Middle East to India around A.D. 345 to do missionary work.

Rev. Lahayil said Knanayan churches worldwide — from Australia to the Middle East — have added special prayers to every service for Perincheril's recovery. Parishioners at the Clifton church were planning a full day of fasting and prayers for her survival on Saturday.
And I'm reminded that my friend Michelle is headed to India today for a couple of weeks.

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