Thursday, December 18, 2008

This one got under my skin ...

The Hidden-Purpose Driven Presidency - First Things, 12/18/08:
... what, then, to make of his decision to have Rick Warren pray at his inauguration?

... does it really indicate a willingness to meet social conservatives halfway?

One must also ask a question about Rev. Rick Warren: Why did he accept?

... prudence suggests that this would have been a very good time for a little Christian witness.
In other words, Warren should skip it. Eh.

Who knows, maybe they're friends? Maybe they hit it off during the Saddleback Church forum.

Warren cannot retreat from his calling as a minster to those with serious misunderstandings on moral issues. No, advocating degrees of separation among Christians - right? among Christians - isn't the way to go.

Neither is it seemly to question one's decision -Egan's case regards a senator, not a president-elect - to respond affirmatively to a request from the president-elect.

And, like Bush quoting Mother Teresa after speaking at Bob Jones, no one is likely to mistake presidential symbols for substance.

Please don't think that I care for Warren, because I do not. Simply put, the more I read the original, the more it comes across as someone's final column before the year-end holidays. It has a catchy title.

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