Thursday, December 25, 2008

Since I'm home already, you can guess he didn't last long.

But we drove over to St. Greg's for a midnight service and arrived just as the choir was starting, as usual, at 11:30. I sat us almost directly behind the choir in an effort to keep him awake. On the way over, he asked me to tell him all the lies associated with Christmas.
"Which 'Christmas,' the religious Christmas or the Santa Christmas?"

Dumb question.

"Oh, you know, Jesus probably wasn't born in December or in the year 0, that sort of thing." I told him that I didn't know any lies about the Santa Christmas. I mean, really, where does it end?

After twenty minutes of listening to the choir, he said he wanted to go home, after walking around the church once. So, we did that and left. On the way home, he asked whether Santa might have arrived already. I said not until he's gone to sleep. He said that we have so many presents under the tree already and, "when Santa comes, he'll bring even more!"

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