Monday, December 22, 2008

Making Christmas Cookies.

I made a double batch of dough from a recipe at Cooks, online. I cut butter into the frosting recipe because I'm used to doing it that way. And added too much milk as a result, so only the bowl of green frosting didn't dribble off the cookie.

A bottle of green food coloring was in a box labeled "Red Food Coloring," so I was surprised when I poured it in. I didn't have red at all, so I had to use the yellow. Chris helped me pour the yellow in, too much. It was a "Gumball Yellow," if you know that shade, that turned mustard yellow after some refrigeration. We had vials of NEON food coloring / egg dye that didn't seem appropriate!

Tim wasn't very interested in working with dough. He rolled and cut out one batch and had had enough. We coaxed him back out for frosting ... and tasting. Kenny got quite good at rolling his dough but tended to use too much flour. Typical. The fact that I have very little flour worked in our favor, to a degree. But since I want to make lasagna for Christmas, I need more flour ... and fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce and fresh italian bread ... about the only ingredients I have are the eggs and meat!

It's probably obvious that the boys just got their hair cut. Boys' hair is so easy. As easy as their clothing.

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