Sunday, December 28, 2008

More of yesterday's news ... but it's new to me, as I'm just getting around to reading the local paper ...

Millstone mining co. plans new truck route - Examiner, 12/24/08:
Campo trucks presently go down Baird Road to Millstone Road to Sweetmans Lane east to Woodville Road and Route 33.

In 1999, her company's trucks would go down Baird Road to Conover Road to get to Route 33, but was told by the county that the trucks could not go over the 12-ton limit bridge on Baird Road if they traveled more than 25 miles per hour.

Campo has now asked if the trucks could continue down Perrineville Road to Route 33.

She estimated between 80-150 trucks would take the route to the landfill each day.

Grbelja suggested the trucks go over the Perrineville Lake Bridge when it reopens next month and onto Perrineville Road, but Shafai said the bridge has a 15-ton limit.

Resident Scott Boland, who does not live along any of the proposed routes, said he hopes people who live along the potential routes address the issue, as it would bring "really heavy trucks" into the area.

When asked why the trucks do not take the most direct route, down Baird Road to Woodville Road, to access Route 33, Shafai said the township wants the trucks off its roads and onto county roads as quickly as possible as the latter have fewer residents living on them.
I think Prodelin Way is referred to as Perrineville Road in the article.

We already have "really heavy trucks" in the area; it shocks me sometimes how many trucks, especially during the summer.

Woodville is a county route and Baird to Woodville is the most direct way, but if the trucks can't cross the wee bridge to get to Conover, than they can't get to Woodville that way either. I'm not sure why the spokesperson gave the answer she did rather than mention the weight limit on the bridge.

Get the mayor recommending the soon-to-be-repaired "Perrineville Lake Bridge," as she's dubbed it (the county calls it 'M-49'). We just got Baird Road resurfaced and trucks intend to break it up again?!

Their current route is fine with me and their proposed route is fine. I'm glad the soon-to-be-reopened bridge has the weight limit it does because it doesn't make sense to bring the trucks into town at all. And the roads around the lake are just as windy and twisty as anything on Millstone Road.

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