Friday, December 22, 2006

And did you put the envelope in your pocket?

Yeah... yeah... maybe... maybe...

Maybe – maybe! I don't want any maybe. We've got to find that money!

I'm no good to you. I...

Listen to me. Do you have any secret hiding place here in the house? Someplace you could have put it? Someplace to hide the money?

I've been over the whole house, even in rooms that have been locked ever since I lost Laura.

Where's that money, you stupid, silly old fool? Where's the money? Do you realize what this means?

It wasn't $8,000.

Simply a year-end gift for my housekeeper plus her weekly wage that I had misplaced between Tuesday and Thursday. I looked in every reasonable place, more than once.

Restless, I woke up often last night trying to recall where I had placed the envelope. Half-asleep, my mind sometimes works better but, in this instance, my subconscious gave no revelations.

Tonight, Jeff talked me through my steps between then and now and reminded me of the missing piece in the puzzle: I had his car on Tuesday, getting his engine immobiliser fixed. I had stashed the money in his glove box instead of mine.

What a relief to locate it, albeit too late for my housekeeper's holiday!

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