Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kenny announced to his classmates yesterday that he's Jewish. When he told me of his announcement, I asked how his classmates reacted. "They were shocked," he said. Hmmm, wonder why.

"Aren't any of them Jewish?" I asked. "Nope."

"And, so, what would you like about being Jewish?" I continued the exercise in imagination.

"Celebrating Hanukkah," he said. "Lighting the menorah, getting presents every night, playing dreidel1. 'Though, Mom, you'd have to learn the shapes, you know, the numbers!" he chided. A regular admonishment of his since I admitted to him two weeks ago that I don't know the Hebrew letters very well.

"Numbers, letters," I said, "yeah, I do."

So, after a snack at home, I dropped him off at CCD at church and begged him, "Please don't announce to anyone in your class here that you're Jewish."

He agreed that it could cause some confusion.

1 Dreidel - Wiki

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